What are the measurement methods of laser rangefinder?

  1. Phase laser ranging: The laser beam is amplitude modulated using the frequency of the radio band, and the phase delay generated by the modulated light going to and from the measuring line is measured once, and then the distance represented by the phase delay is converted according to the wavelength of the modulated light. In other words, by indirectly measuring the time required for the light to pass through the round-trip measuring line.
  2. Pulsed laser ranging: This method uses the characteristics of short continuous laser pulses, relatively concentrated energy and high instantaneous power to measure the distance. Simply put, it is to measure the time difference of laser flight.
  3. Triangular laser distance measurement: The measurement method of laser displacement sensor is called laser triangle reflection method. The accuracy of laser rangefinder is certain, and the accuracy of 10 meters and 100 meters is the same. The measurement accuracy of laser triangle reflection method is related to the range. The larger the range, the lower the accuracy.
  4. Laser echo method: Laser displacement sensor using the principle of echo analysis to measure the distance can achieve a certain degree of accuracy. The laser displacement sensor emits one million pulses per second through the laser transmitter to the detection object and returns to the receiver. The processor calculates the time required for the laser pulse to encounter the detection object and return to the receiver to calculate the distance value output value is the average output of thousands of measurement results。

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