Erbium Glass Laser in Laser Ranging

Erbium Glass Laser in Laser Ranging

Long-range laser rangefinders are developing toward the trend of high safety, long measurement distance, high accuracy, low power consumption and miniaturization of size. At present, the common emission wavelength of rangefinder is 1064nm, which is easy to damage human retina and has great safety hazards. The miniaturization and high reliability of 1535nm human eye safety laser will become an inevitable trend. 1535nm human eye safety laser has been widely used in the fields of handheld rangefinder, gun sight, pod, fuze and border surveillance.

System Introduction

The principle structure of the ranging system is shown in the figure below, which mainly consists of four major parts: laser transmitting module, optical transceiver system, laser receiving system and signal processing system. The human eye safety ranging system uses an erbium glass solid-state laser to generate a hundred-μJ energy, low re-frequency, narrow pulse width 1535 nm laser, an APD with InGaAs as signal detection, and a TDC for time-of-flight measurement to obtain accurate distance information.

Schematic diagram of the distance measuring system

Product parameters

ERDI has developed a series of miniaturized, high peak power, highly reliable erbium glass human eye safety lasers for human eye safety ranging applications. 1535nm series products are available in a wide range of energies from 40μJ to 2.5mJ and heavy frequencies from 1Hz to 1kHz, in both round TO packages and traditional square packages. The products are light in weight and small in size, with semiconductor packaging process and stable performance, and have been approved by many professional customers, and the production capacity can reach 10,000pcs/month. Product parameters chart is as follows:

Wave length(nm) 1535
Single pulse energy(μJ) 100 200 300 400 500 70 40
Pulse width(ns) ≤4 ≤4 ≤4 ≤5 ≤5 ≤4 ≤4
Repetition frequency (Hz) 10 10 10 10 5 100 1000
Dispersion angleTyp (mrad) 12 10 10 10 10 16 16
Beam mode TEM00 TEM00 TEM00 TEM00 TEM00 TEM00 TEM00
Weight (g) 7 10 12 12 12 10 7
Size (L×W×H,mm) 21×8×7 /25×8×7
Operating temperature (oC) -40oC~+60oC(Customizable -45oC~+65oC)
Storage temperature (oC) -55oC~+70oC
Vibration Meet GJB150A.16-2009 vibration test
Impact Meet GJB150A.16-2009 impact test
Remarks Other indicators are available for customization

About ERDI

Erdi Laser Ltd has been established for more than ten years and has been focusing on the independent research and development and industrialization of lasers and laser ranging systems, as well as the mission of training excellent engineering talents for the optoelectronic industry. Over the years, we have provided many innovative and competitive products for customers in various fields such as analytical instruments, medical beauty, radar ranging, laser processing, scientific research and teaching. We look forward to being your strategic partner and your inspired launch!


Warm prompt:

ERDI provides timely and thoughtful after-sales service and technical support, and solves the problems encountered by customers in the use of products at the first time;

All of ERDI's rangefinder modules use CLASS 1 eye-safe wavelength light source;

The reliability and stability of the laser rangefinder module are the key indicators of the product, and only the products that have passed the long-term practice test have the basis for batch application;

ERDI provides cost-effective products to serve various drone customers, and currently supports thousands of drones with accumulated supporting equipment;

The high precision and versatility of the integrated navigation system and the high reliability and high stability of the laser gyroscope are the key indicators of the product. Only products that have been tested in practice for a long time have the basis for mass application.