Airborne Fiber Optic Inertial Navigation

The strapdown inertial navigation system is characterized by autonomy, concealment and complete acquisition of carrier motion information. It has become an indispensable navigation tool in military fields such as missiles and combat vehicles, industrial fields such as mining and exploration, as well as civilian fields such as unmanned vehicles and Marine cruise ships. Fiber optic gyroscope (FOG) and quartz flexible addition meter are important inertial components in fiber optic inertial navigation system (INS), and their accuracy directly determines the navigation performance of the system. In order to meet the higher and higher performance requirements of optical fiber inertial navigation system, improving the calibration accuracy of inertial devices from the device level is the main way.The model equation of quartz flexible addition is a complex model with many high order terms and coupling terms. Ideally, linear model can not describe the input-output relationship well, which leads to the deterioration of navigation performance. Therefore, it is very important to further clarify the test methods of add-table high order terms and coupled terms.

In order to solve the problem that the error of inertial device reduces the navigation accuracy, ERDI LASER LTD proposed a novel quartz flexible plus high order item test method. The linear shaking table is used to provide random vibration, which overcomes the difficult problems of the traditional centrifuge test method, such as high cost, complex equipment and limited accuracy. Moreover, the second order nonlinear coefficient test model with table is derived. The quartz meter and optical fiber inertial navigation system independently developed by ERDI were used to complete the relevant experimental verification. The experimental results confirm the accuracy of the quartz meter and the effectiveness of improving the optical fiber inertial navigation performance.

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