Military laser rangefinder composition/working principle

The use of laser rangefinder is mainly the result of the measurement and calculation between the laser transceiver in sending out the target and receiving the target, through the calculation results to obtain the distance about the target, based on the accurate determination of the position, the emitted beam for distance detection. If the emitted beam is continuous, then it is a continuous wave laser rangefinder; if the emitted beam is a pulsed beam emitted by a laser, then it is a pulsed laser rangefinder, ERDI’s military laser rangefinder composition/working principle.

1.System Composition

2、Working principle

Pulse method laser rangefinder working principle diagram

3、Working principle

Laser rangefinder working principle diagram

4、The function of the laser

Output specific energy pulsed laser, the core device of laser distance measuring machine
Common laser wavelengths: 1064nm, 1535nm, 1570nm, laser design corresponds to different technical routes

5、Function of the launch optical system

Compressed laser beam dispersion of 0.3mrad typical as an extended beam collimation system
Smaller beam dispersion for longer laser transmission and improved range.

6、The function of receiving optical system

Receives the laser signal reflected from the target and focuses it on the rear photodetector (APD)
The larger the receiving aperture, the longer the detectable distance.

7、Main technical indicators of laser rangefinder (taking ERDI 4km laser rangefinder product as an example)


Parameters Specification Note.
Wavelength 1535±5nm  
Ranging capability 50m~4km  
Ranging ability ≥4km(2.3m×2.3m, 0.3 reflectivity vehicle, visibility≥5km) Humidity≤80%
≥8km(for large targets, visibility≥10km)
Ranging accuracy ±2m  
Ranging repetition rate 1~10hz(adjustable)  
Accuracy ≥98%  
Divergence angle ≤0.5mrad  
Receiving aperture 25mm  
Communication interface RS422  
Supply voltage DC18~32V  
Operating power ≤2W(@1hz) Tested under room temperature
Stand-by power ≤0.5W Tested under room temperature
Dimension ≤65mm×44mm×37mm  
Weight ≤75g  
Temperature -40℃~65℃  
Heat-dissipating By thermal conduction

Warm prompt:

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All of ERDI's rangefinder modules use CLASS 1 eye-safe wavelength light source;

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