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F2X – 50 Biaxial Low Precision Gyroscope

SKU: F2X - 50

Product features

◆ Small volume, light weight

◆ No moving parts

◆ High reliability and long life

Application scenario

◆ Photoelectric stabilization

◆ Radar control

◆ Missile guidance

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    Technical indicators

    Parameter Name Unit Index
    Zero bias stability(10s,1σ,Constant temperature) °/h ≤1
    Zero bias repeatability(1σ,Constant temperature) °/h ≤1
    Random walk coefficient °/h1/2 ≤0.01
    Scale factor nonlinearity ppm ≤100
    Scale factor asymmetry ppm ≤100
    Scale factor repeatability ppm ≤200
    Threshold value °/h ≤0.1
    Range °/s ≤500
    bandwidth Hz ≥500
    Overall dimension mm Φ50.3×52
    Mounting dimension mm See specific requirements
    Weight g ≤160
    Operating temperature °C -45~+60
    Output mode   RS422 Serial port output
    Power requirements   ±5V power supply, +5V power requirement is not more than 3W,

    -5V Power must not exceed 1W.

    Overall dimensions


    Overall dimensions


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    All of ERDI's rangefinder modules use CLASS 1 eye-safe wavelength light source;

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    The high precision and versatility of the integrated navigation system and the high reliability and high stability of the laser gyroscope are the key indicators of the product. Only products that have been tested in practice for a long time have the basis for mass application.