Rotational modulation technique can effectively suppress the influence of constant and slow variable errors of inertial devices

The rotary modulation technique can effectively suppress the influence of constant and slow variable errors of inertial devices, and greatly improve the navigation accuracy of the system under the premise of using inertial devices with the same precision.At present, this technology has been widely used in the field of Marine navigation, through the improvement of adaptability, it can be fully applied to the field of airborne navigation, even if the adoption of medium precision inertial components can also obtain high precision navigation accuracy, to meet the requirements of long range, long endurance and other large aircraft.

Based on the above background, ERDI LASER LTD developed a fiber optic gyroscopic rotation modulation inertial navigation system using single axis rotation modulation technology. The system selected high precision and low cost fiber optic gyroscope. Through in-depth research on the system error model, error calibration method, rotation modulation strategy, carrier motion isolation technology and high precision alignment technology, the system accuracy was improved by more than one order of magnitude compared with the traditional strapdown scheme. The navigation and positioning accuracy of 1 nmile/h (CEP) is achieved.

The product focuses on breaking through four core technologies:

1, rotary modulation strategy.On the basis of revealing the error propagation mechanism of the rotational modulation inertial navigation system, the error modulation effects under different modulation strategies were analyzed, and the optimal rotational modulation strategy was designed for the UAV application environment.

2.Carrier motion isolation technology.The influence of UAV motion on modulation effect is analyzed, and the carrier motion isolation scheme under typical UAV environment is designed according to the analysis results, and the test is verified.

3.Initial alignment technology of rocking base.Using the unique rotation mechanism of the system, the fast and high precision rotation alignment technology is studied, and the high precision alignment problem of the UAV under the condition of shaking the base is solved.

4.Online calibration technology.The existence of the rotating mechanism makes it possible to calibrate the system online. Based on the observability analysis, the online calibration scheme is designed to realize the online calibration of the system error parameters.

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