Sales Policy


ERDI accepts orders by mail, phone, fax or e-mail. All orders are subject to acceptance by ERDI. Orders must include a Purchase Order Number and specify the ERDI catalog numbers or full details of any special requirements. Orders placed by phone must be confirmed by submission of a hard copy Purchase Order. Submission of a Purchase Order shall constitute acceptance of ERDI Terms and Conditions of Sale, set forth herein and in any Quotation provided by ERDI.



The specifications provided in ERDI catalog, literature, or in any written quotations are intended to be accurate. However, ERDI reserves the right to change specifications and makes no claim about the suitability of its products for any particular intended purpose.


ERDI reserves the right to make changes in Products without notice and obligation to incorporate those changes in any Products previously delivered to Buyer and ship to Buyer the most current Product regardless of catalog description.


Any changes to any order for custom or option configured Products, or any order or series of similar orders for standard Products including but not limited to any changes to the specifications for the Products, must be approved in advance in writing by ERDI.ERDI must receive Buyer’s change request at least thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled shipment date. In the event of changes to any order or the specifications for the Products, ERDI reserves the right to adjust the prices and delivery dates for the Products. In addition, Buyer shall be responsible for all costs associated with such change including, but not limited to, the burdened costs of all raw materials, work in progress and finished goods inventory on-hand or ordered which are impacted by such change


Any order for custom or option configured Products, or any order or series of similar orders for standard Products may be cancelled only upon ERDI’s prior written approval, which approval may be granted or withheld in ERDI’s sole discretion. Any order cancellation, Buyer shall be responsible for all costs associated with such cancellation including, but not limited to, the burdened costs of all raw materials, work in progress and finished goods inventory on-hand or ordered which are impacted by such cancellation WOE will use commercially reasonable efforts to reduce such cancellation costs. In no event shall the Buyer be liable for more than the contract price of the cancelled Products.


Catalog prices are subject to change without notice. Custom prices are subject to change with five days’ notice. Failure to object to the price change on a custom order after notice shall be deemed to be acceptance of the price change. Prices are FOB Singapore and do not include freight, duty and insurance fees. Prices quoted are exclusive of, and buyer agrees to pay, any federal, state or local excise, sales, use, personal property or any other tax. Prices quoted are valid for 30 days, unless quoted otherwise.


ERDI assures proper packaging and will ship to customers by any method selected by ERDI, unless otherwise specified in Buyer’s Purchase Order. After acceptance of an order, ERDI will provide an estimated delivery date and will use its best efforts to meet the estimated delivery date. ERDI is not responsible for any consequential damage caused by late delivery. ERDI will notify Buyer of any anticipated delay in delivery. ERDI reserves the right to ship ahead or reschedule, unless the Buyer specifies otherwise.


China: Except as otherwise specified, all payments are due and payable within 30 days from the invoice date. ERDI will accept payment by C.O.D, Check, or an account established with ERDI. International Orders: Orders for delivery to Buyers outside the China must be fully prepaid in CNY&US dollars, by wire transfer or by irrevocable letter of credit issued by bank. Payments must include all associated costs. Letter of credit must be valid for 90 days.


Stock Products: ERDI stock Laser products are warranted to meet or exceed the stated specifications, and to be free from defects in material or workmanship. This warranty shall be valid for 90 days from invoice date and is subject to the Return Policy set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

Custom Products: Specially manufactured or custom products are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects and meet your written specifications only. This warranty is valid for 90 days from invoice date and is subject to the Return Policy set forth in these Terms and Conditions. Our obligations under these warranties shall be limited to the replacement or repair or the provision to Buyer of a credit against future purchases in an amount equal to the purchase price of the defective product. In no event will we be liable for any incidental or consequential damages or cost from Buyer. The foregoing remedies are the sole and exclusive remedy of Buyer for any breach of Warranties under this contract. This Standard Warranty shall not apply with respect to any product which, upon inspection by Wavelength China, shows evidence of damage as a result of abuse, misuse, mishandling, alteration, or improper installation or application, or any other causes beyond the control of Wavelength China.


If Buyer believes that a product is defective or did not meet ERDI stated specifications, Buyer should notify ERDI within 30 days from invoice Date and should return goods within 90 days from invoice Date. Prior to return of the product, Buyer must obtain a RETURN AUTHORIZATION MATERIAL NUMBER (RMA). No product will be processed without an RMA. The buyer should then pack the product carefully and return it to ERDI, with freight prepaid, together with RMA Request Form. The returned product must be in the original package and free of any defect or damage caused by shipping. If ERDI finds that the product does not meet the specifications set forth in paragraph 7 for stock products;

ERDI shall, at its sole option, either refund the purchase price, repair the defect, or replace the product. Upon Buyer’s default, merchandise will not be accepted without authorization; Acceptable returned goods will be subjected to restocking charge; Special ordered, obsolete or custom fabricated items are not returnable.


Any Intellectual Property Rights on a worldwide basis, including, without limitation, patentable inventions (whether or not applied for), patents, patent rights, copyrights, work of authorship, moral rights, trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade dress trade secrets and all applications and registrations of all of the foregoing resulting from the performance of these Terms of Sale that is conceived, developed, discovered or reduced to practice by ERDI, shall be the exclusive property of ERDI. Specifically, ERDI shall exclusively own all rights, title and interest in and to the Products and any and all inventions, works of authorship, layouts, know -how, ideas or information discovered, developed, made, conceived or reduced to practice, by ERDI, in the course of the performance of these Terms of Sale.

Warm prompt:

ERDI provides timely and thoughtful after-sales service and technical support, and solves the problems encountered by customers in the use of products at the first time;

All of ERDI's rangefinder modules use CLASS 1 eye-safe wavelength light source;

The reliability and stability of the laser rangefinder module are the key indicators of the product, and only the products that have passed the long-term practice test have the basis for batch application;

ERDI provides cost-effective products to serve various drone customers, and currently supports thousands of drones with accumulated supporting equipment;

The high precision and versatility of the integrated navigation system and the high reliability and high stability of the laser gyroscope are the key indicators of the product. Only products that have been tested in practice for a long time have the basis for mass application.