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It is located in the Industrial Park of Chengdu High-tech Zone, Sichuan, China. Focusing on the research and development of industrial and military level laser ranging, positioning and navigation system control technologies, the company relies on the rich project background and deep technical background of the core team to develop the control system. Its main businesses include control system integration, inertial navigation, differential satellite navigation, etc. The product quality is stable, the performance is reliable, and it always leads the world, making outstanding and great contributions to the world’s industrial and military fields,and achieve mature technology support for the entire industry chain to ensure the perfection and quality of products. the company has obtained dozens of patented technologies, obtained ISO9001 quality system certification, honesty and credibility 3AAA certification, European CE certification, and American FDA certification.

Our Advantages

ERDI insists on integrity, continuous innovation and development, and the products are developed and manufactured in strict accordance with international military standards and quality standards.Explore and enable scaling of new opportunities through managing innovation as business critical, supporting our innovation performance and promoting an innovation friendly culture.

Industry chain

As a vertically integrated OEM manufacturer, we are able to meet customer needs from component to system level. This enables us to respond flexibly to your requirements,Cost-effective solution


Custom made service

ERDI’s competence in laser distance measurement technology enables us to provide comprehensive, tailor-made laser solutions for a wide range of laser applications.


Purpose & values

We have been focusing on the development of the whole industry chain of long-distance laser ranging for 12 years to ensure the stability of the product supply chain.


Quality Control

We have obtained Global Certificate: GB/T19001-2016 / ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, obtained more than 20 Chinese national patents, and our products have passed European CE certification and US FDA laser certification, reaching the international leading level.


Scalable Support levels

ERDI’s wide range of solutions are flexible, can be adapted to suit individual requirements including large-scale set-ups, and are designed to optimise operations, reduce costs and minimise environmental impact.


After-sale warranty

Our skilled and friendly salesmen are ready to answer your questions about our products and services at any time, from product selection to application. Free technical consultation services are offered by request. Our experienced engineers are here to cooperate with you on your special requirements or OEM designs.

Honorary certificate

The company has obtained more than 20 national patents, has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, US FDA certification, European CE certification, and obtained 6 AAA credit certificates.

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Your valuable advice is our wealth, we will carefully listen to your valuable advice.

    Laser Rangefinder Applications

    ERDI laser ranging products, small size, stable power, loved by customers around the world, our products are widely used in photoelectric electricity, water, communication, environment, construction, geology, police, fire, demolition, navigation, railroad, agriculture, forestry, real estate, recreation/outdoor, anti-terrorismconfrontation, reconnaissance positioning and other precision ranging scenarios.

    The principle of laser ranging is the same as microwave radar ranging, but compared with ordinary ranging, laser ranging has the advantages of far, accurate, fast, anti-interference, and no blind spots. Laser ranging has been widely used in conventional weapons and tends to replace ordinary optical ranging. The first generation of ruby laser ranging has poor concealment (red light), damage to human eyes, and low efficiency, which has been eliminated. The second-generation YAG laser ranging has been widely used, but it also has certain damage to the human eye. The current third-generation CO2 gas or solid-state laser ranging has no harm to human eyes and will gradually replace the second-generation laser ranging.
    The erbium glass laser range finder and OPO laser range finder used by ERDI are CLASS 1 eye-safe, and play a strong leading role in scientific research, training, military defense and other fields.

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